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Our App detects
crop diseases and
proposes treatments.

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What we do?

Many farmers confess they often incure produce losses due to unidentified crop diseases. Agrix Tech uses Artificial Intelligence to solve this problem. It detects crop diseases at primary stage and proposes adequate treatment.

Can work offline

Farmers living and working in remote area with no internet can use our Apps, because our AI doesn't need internet to function.

African languages

Farmers with low level of languages literacy can use our App, because our AI can provide treatment recommendations in African languages in voice messages.


Agrix Tech's AI can be embedded in 3rd parties apps. Just by adding few lines of codes in your code, you add our crop diseases detection & diagnosis features in your app.

How it Works?

App Screenshots

Choose the type of agricultural plant to analyze.

Take a photo of the leaf of the suspected plant.

Read or listen treatment recommendations.

Our Pricing Options

Our pricing policy is flexible.



Per Year and per Licence

  • 10 types of crop
  • 1 African language
  • 1 Online training
  • 7/7 days Online support
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Per year and per Licence

  • More than 10 types of crop
  • Many African languages
  • Online / Onsite trainings
  • 7/7 days Online support
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We work with farmer's organisations to improve their members yield. Tell us what you need, we'll customized the App for you.