We use technology and data that we have of our community of farmers to provide valuable insights and services to our partners.

Crop buyers

We provide you with quality products from farmers and breeders in our community. The purchase of their production is done wholesale and semi-wholesale. Thanks to the weekly data we collect on the activity of each farmer and breeder, we help you anticipate the availability of different products and at better prices over a period of up to 6 months.

Crop buyer

Financial institutions

We help you minimize risk on agriculture and livestock projects of our farmers by conducting an assessment of each project and an analysis of agropastoral risks. We allow you the filter and finance farmers and breeders with a project with a very high chance of success, this through the score obtained after the risk analysis. And which, subsequently, benefit from a weekly technical follow-up from us.



We help you to grow your savings by financing the projects of farmers and breeders in our community. Your investment is remunerated at an interest rate of 15% per year.


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